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On-The-Job Training (OJT):

An On-The-Job Training program is designed to help businesses hire and train persons who do not have sufficient experience and knowledge in the jobs for which they are being hired. The employer's training expenses will be paid at a rate not to exceed 50% of the wages the new hire earns during the contracted training period. OJT is a viable training option for participants who perform better with a hands-on training experience rather than a traditional classroom setting. Job-Seekers - To qualify for the OJT program you must sign up for case management services and engage in Career Center workshops. Members who qualify will receive a customized referral letter from their employment adviser to provide to interested employers.

Individualized Training Accounts (ITA):
ITA's are designed to provide education and skills to job seekers who are in need of training, preparing them for employment in occupations within the San Diego region. Members may access training services through training providers listed on the State-mandated Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL). Training is self-selected by the customer with guidance and assistance from the Career Center staff.

Customized Training
Customized Training is training that is designed to meet the special requirements of an employer. The training is conducted with a commitment by the employer to employ, or in the case of incumbent workers, continue to employ, an individual upon successful completion of training for which the employer pays no less than 50% of the cost of the training.