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Internship Opportunities

Students can gain paid-work experience in the community in various offices and agencies. Many students work in offices that include:

*Medical facilities
*School District
*Non-profit agencies
*Customer service Industries and many more...

Steps to Attaining an Internship:
1. Student meets with counselor to choose work location
2. Student sets up an interview with the employer
3. Student will attend interview and determine start date
4. Student is trained on work-ethic, behavior and proper conduct
5. Student is trained on how to fill out timesheet
6. Student begins working
We partner with many agencies in San Diego to provide our students with top-quality internships allowing them to gain the best work experience. Students are paid minimum wage and can intern anywhere from 120-150 hours depending on funding. Students are paid directly through the Youth Program and create long lasting bonds with their employer to further their expertise and training.

Some of Our Partners Include:
Chaldean Middle Eastern Social Services
Shea Family Care Medical
Sylvan Learning Center
California Hair Design Academy
Various Libraries
El Cajon Valley School District
Communities Against Substance Abuse
and Many more...

If you would like to be one of our internship sites contact the Career Center