• Did you know that it is an EDD requirement to be registered in CalJOBS, and that you have your resume in the system using 'Resume Builder'? You can register and enter a resume anywhere you have an Internet connection - 24 hours a day.
  • Registering and using Resume Builder is free, and it will help you find job openings. You can enter up to 10 resumes, so you can tailor them for specific jobs that you are applying for. 
  • If you have an attached resume in CalJOBS, you can copy to the CalJOBS template in seconds by choosing the radio button COPY. We also have a handout with step by step instructions at the Career Center on how to use Resume Builder.
  • We have computers you can use to access CalJOBS and check your email for unemployment updates.
  • We also have phones where you can call to speak to an unemployment representative.
  • There are no EDD staff members at the East County Career Center.