Are you looking to hire?

We have a pool of pre-screened candidates who are eager to fill the positions that you have. Please contact our Business Services Coordinator, Erica Olmos, at or 619-590-3973 to discuss what options we have for you. Any assistance that we provide to our business community is at no cost to our partners. At your request we can send you a pool of candidates for you to interview. We can also post your job opening using a variety of methods.

Are you willing to train a new worker, and get reimbursed for some or all of the wages?
As funds are available, we have a two programs where we can reimburse you for the new employee's wages.

The On-The-Job Training program can reimburse you for 50% percent of the employee's salary for up to six months. If you are interested in learning about our On-The-Job (OJT) training programs, please contact our Training Coordinator, Marian Kubota, at or 619-590-3917.

The other program is our Expanded Subsidized Employment (ESE). In this program the employer receives reimbursement at a varying rate - 100% for the first two months, 50% for the next two months, and 25% for the next two months. If you want more information about the ESE program contact Danell Lyons at or 619-590-3972.
Are you looking for specific computer skills that your current workforce needs?
We can create a training program that will sharpen the skills or your current employees. Short-term classes are offered at the East County Career Center on Thursday evenings through the Grossmont Adult School. These low-cost classes can provide targeted instruction that your employees need. If you would like to discuss specific work-place needs, please contact our Business Services Coordinator, Erica Olmos, at or 619-590-3973 to see how we can help your workforce increase their productivity.

If you have an opening, and would like to discuss how we can help you fill it 
as well as cover some of the cost to train a new employee, please click here.